Tributary [ trib-yuh-ter-ee ] n., plural trib·u·tar·ies

a [small] river or stream that flows to a [larger] stream or other body of water.

Investing in entrepreneurs as a catalyst for change.

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At Tributaries Capital our primary mission is to build a platform that provides the tools needed to help grow the seeds of entrepreneurship throughout underserved communities.
To enable our mission, we partner with early-stage, minority founders focused on building Supply Chain and Real Estate SaaS or Service companies. With our direct industry experience and an extensive network of industry advisors, TC partners and advisors are at their best when collaborating with founders to refine operational structures, develop hiring strategies, or, for a select few, providing capital assistance aimed at jumpstarting growth.
Our operating theory is that if we can create a platform that simplifies minority entrepreneur’s access to an unbiased and supportive network, focusing on more than just capital but also on education that utilizes the collective experience of industry experts, then we can perhaps continue leveling the playing field against racial bias.


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