Tributary [ trib-yuh-ter-ee ] n., plural trib·u·tar·ies

a [small] river or stream that flows to a [larger] stream or other body of water.

Investing in entrepreneurs as a catalyst for change.

Tributaries Capital grows the seeds of entrepreneurship by shining light on ideas and humans typically overlooked by the investment community. We provide the platform, tools, and support for growth in entrepreneurship in underserved communities.
Our mission goes beyond capital to bring education and the collective wisdom of industry experts to minority entrepreneurs. By simplifying access to an unbiased and supportive network, we work to level the playing field against racial bias in business and investment.
Tributaries Capital partners with early-stage, minority founders who are focused on building products and services in the supply chain and real estate spaces. Our partners and advisors are at their best when they leverage their industry experience and extensive networks to collaborate with emerging business leaders – refining operational structures, developing hiring strategies, and providing capital assistance to jumpstart growth.
Read our Founder’s Statement for more on how we got our start and our vision for the future of entrepreneurship.


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